DISCLAIMER: These are common signs but not necessarily the only indications of a cheating partner. This is a guide to a number of traits that cheaters often display. If you have any questions, please contact us. Your peace of mind is our business. 

1)   Secretive phone or computer use

2)   Frequent changes in schedule

3)   Secretive about finances, new separate accounts

4)   Periods where your significant other is unreachable

5)   Your partner is hostile toward you & your relationship

6)   Restaurant receipts showing partner was not alone

7)   Improved appearance (weight loss, new wardrobe, etc)

8)   Partner shows signs of low self-esteem (weight gain, depression, etc.)

9)   Changes in sexual relationship (increased/decreased frequency, new

       sexual positions, etc.)

10) Hair in car or on clothes that does not match either of you

11) New interests (music, food, etc.) 

12) Your spouse is preoccupied with someone else (co-worker, online friend,         etc)